Yves Tumor: 'Heaven to a tortured mind' New Music Review

Yves Tumor has released his fourth album, the heaven to a tortured mind on the 3rd of April 2020. He has been considered as an experienced electronic artist, his experienced career can be seen in his pleasure-seeking and approachable album; it has the sound of an experimentalist faltering into the role of a rock god. 

In this album, the singer has expressed his appetite through shrieking guitar solos, closely-fit basslines, and the participation of a guest singer who had the spark to match them beat to beat. It has the influential genre having magisterial kind of rock music. 

Tumor is the most talented and interesting artist to look around, those who are familiar with his previous ambient and noisy work would love to give an ear to his album, “heaven to a tortured mind”. Factors that are playing key roles in the understanding of the Tumor’s uniqueness are transformations and role-playing. 

The rock style of Tumor seems to be bona fides with roguish style. Yves Tumor has a great sense of style, he has given the star-stuck examples of metamorphism. He has amazed the audience with his performance. 

The album has received widespread acclaim from the critics, talking about ratings; it has been assigned with a normalized rating out of 100 and the reviews from mainstream critics, the album has gained the score of 88 based on 18 reviews which have been indicated as universal acclaim. 

It can be seen that Tumor is one of the interesting artists who have a unique sense of music and style. This album is the true celebration of brit-pop, soul, and rock and proves to be way better than Tumor’s previous work.