Reflections on January 6, 2021: By Paul Hodes

Her testimony today was highlighted because they wanted to clearly show that his actions warranted the invocation of the 25th amendment and that it was serious.

It wasnt just that he incited the riot. It was that even he was literally violent with the secret service and had thrown physical tantrums before. The person with the nuclear codes was physically and mentally out of control.

She was also showing that Meadows was willing to stand down and let it happen even with Cippaloni and the rest of the white house council.

Lastly, it was to show he knew he was inviting people to his speech and the capitol he knew were armed. What should be communicated is that Donald Trump stepped away from his responsibility as president by putting people at risk for attempting to have the metal detectors removed.

It literally didnt matter that ‘they were no threat to me’. The president doesnt have the right to reduce the security level because he doesnt feel a threat. He wasnt in a moment of being able to do that because we dont give the president that liberty. That’s why they took him to the White House against his wishes.

Her testimony was also being used to drive Cippolini into cooperating with the committee and perhaps frightening Meadows into doing the same.

Similarly, with the dig on Giuliani and his proud boys comment at the beginning of the hearing, I assume Cheney is aiming to flip someone to prove there was proud boys/White House coordination.