Some people still don't get it. Trump's voters don't want the mess fixed. The country is a wreck, but it's their wreck.

Some people still don’t get it. Trump’s voters don’t want the mess fixed. The country is a wreck, but it’s their wreck.

Holes In The Walls

When I was a senior in high school, I had an acquaintance who somehow had his own house he lived in alone. He treated it like an 18 year old kid treats a house. It looked bombed out. Holes in the walls, burned carpet, cabinets ripped off walls, broken windows with garbage bags taped over it, and garbage EVERYWHERE. He loved his house, and his friends loved it too. Not because it was a great house, but because it was a place for them. It was a place where they felt like they were free, and they were the most important people in the world, who could do whatever they wanted.

Grab Me A Beer

Trump’s America is that bombed out house. His base doesn’t care about clean floors, or efficient windows, healthcare, or well tended landscaping. They want a place where they feel at home, and important. That’s literally all. If you go in there and try to talk to them about it, you’re going to get weird looks, and judgement. When you say “Dude, the carpet is a mess” you’ll get called a snowflake for caring. Only snowflakes care about the carpet or police reform. Watch me throw his half-full beer can against the wall to try to get it to stick in the hole it makes. Yeah, there’s a pandemic. Yep, there’s racism. Yeah, there’s unemployment, and fires, and pollution, and riots, and everyone hates everyone. Who cares, snowflake, grab me a beer and get those sports players back on the field. You are a loser snowflake.

It’s Their Mess

They are fine with Trump’s Mess, because it’s THEIR MESS. Trump isn’t running on fixing it. He’s running on preventing mom from coming over and fixing it.