A lot of people are asking why Trump hasn’t been indicted yet if he has committed so many crimes. Yes, it’s true that Trump has committed a lot of crimes. But it’s also true that Trump always has a fall guy to take the punishment for him, and the fall guy will typically go to jail on Trump’s behalf.

In the Russia investigation, Trump’s fall guys were Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, etc. For the investigation into the Trump organization, the fall guy was Weiselberg (who never turned on Trump, which made it harder for the Manhattan DA). For January 6th, the first fall guy was Steve Bannon, and I believe Eastman will end up being a fall guy for Trump too. This is what mob bosses do – they find a fall guy to take the indictments on behalf of the mob boss.

However, today’s testimony includes Trump’s conversation with Raffensperger. The biggest difference with the Georgia investigation and the previous investigations, is that Trump is caught on tape trying to find 11,780 votes, to overturn the election. For one of the few times, instead of Trump using his subordinate to commit the crimes for him, Trump was caught on tape committing the crimes himself. I really hope they nail him in the Georgia investigation. It’s one of the few times where Trump can’t offload his crimes to a fall guy.

It’s insane that Michael Cohen went to prison for actions ordered and benefited directly by Trump, and was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator, yet hasn’t hasn’t been charged with anything in that area. He even signed the checks!