I believe in helping the less fortunate. I believe in helping everyone attain happiness in their life. I believe in an America that is open and free. I believe in equal rights for all regardless of who you love, the color of your skin or what language you speak. I believe freedom is hard and sometimes bad things happen but freedom is not worth giving up to shelter ourselves. I believe everyone has a right to do whatever they want that makes them happy as long as it doesn’t infringe on others ability to pursue their own happiness. I believe guns don’t kill people but sick people who need help and support do. I believe that being poor does not mean you should die because you can’t afford treatment. I believe in building bridges and not walls. I believe peace is the answer. I believe cops get killed in action to often. I believe officers sometimes abuse their power. I believe in science. I believe you should be able to practice what ever form of religion you wish. I believe in Earth as a community of humans that must and can come together. I believe in good.