university of alabama

More than 500 people at the University of Alabama have been infected with Coronavirus, since the school resumed in-person teaching on August 19. 

According to the University’s COVID-19 dashboard, 531 new Corona cases have been reported at the campus since the classes restarted. The infected include teachers, students, and other staff members. It is important to note that the list does not contain the 310 cases reported in the entry testing conducted when the classes restarted.  

Following the situation, the president of the University of Alabama, Stuart Bell said on Monday that students weren’t to blame for the increases in the cases and that the rise in the cases is “unacceptable.”

According to Bell said,“ Our challenge is not the students. Our challenge is the virus, and there’s a difference, folks.”

Bell continued that “What we have to do is identify where does the virus thrive and where does the virus spread and how can we work together with our students, with our faculty, and with our staff to make sure that we minimize those places, those incidents.”

Before that Mayor Walt Maddox had announced to close the bars for two weeks across the Tuscaloosa Alabama and said that the city is taking strict measures to stop the spread of the virus. 

Following the events, Gov. Kay Ivey, in a statement, appreciated the quick decisions taken by Mayor Waly and the University of Alabama to slow the spread of the virus. She said, “They have made tough decisions, and I appreciate Mayor Walt Maddox and The University of Alabama leadership for tackling a serious problem as quickly as possible.”