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Things are getting worse with Iran with each passing day. The United States is committed to placing a permanent weapon ban on Iran. Tehran is already banned from exports of weapons as the US believes that it poses serious threats to world security.

“The situation is getting worse. There are groundless accusations against Iran. Draft resolutions are being drawn up aimed at destroying the previous unanimous decision of the Security Council,” said the Russian President, after Russia proposed a video summit on Iran outside United Nations. The proposal came as prevention of confrontation over the new US threat against Iran.

The proposal was rejected by the US who believe that the Security Council is the best place to discuss arms embargo against Iran. “The United States believes strongly that the Security Council is the best place to have discussions related to extending the UN arms embargo, and we have a benefit of 13 years of Security Council precedent on our side,” said the spokesperson of US State Department in a statement.

China welcomed the proposal of the video summit put forward by Russia. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also released a statement saying that a video summit outside the UN will be a great way to avoid escalation in the UN over Iran.

As the deal to ban weapon exports from Iran is to end soon Iran is ready to carry out business. The proposal put forward by Putin is being hailed by many nations around the world, despite strong opposition from the United States.