Two Positive Covid19 Case Penacook Elementary School NH

Two positive Covid19 cases have been reported at Penacook Elementary School in Penacook, NH. The school has been doing a hybrid model of learning. There are some fully remote students and some doing half a week in the school, the other half remote. The students that tested positive do attend the school in person.

The positive tests were confirmed on Saturday. The school district sent a letter to parents of the school Sunday evening. The letter from Superintendent Mark MacLean said:

Dear MVSD Families:

This weekend, we learned of two positive COVID-19 cases at Penacook Elementary School (PES). As per the District’s COVID-19 response protocols, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) and New Hampshire Department of Education (NH DOE) were immediately notified. PES and District communications and processes moving forward will be guided by the NH DHHS. The NH DHHS will work with PES and initiate contact tracing as public health officials deem necessary.

Additionally, the District will work with the NH DHHS in determining to what extent and scope current PES services and schedules may need to be modified. Monday being a fully remote day for all students, provides PES with some flexibility and a little more time to organize with the NH DHHS as well.

We are extraordinarily grateful for your continued support of our schools. Together, we can all help mitigate the spread of this virus. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local school nurse or administration with any questions regarding screening or any COVID-19 protocols and expectations the District has in place.


Mark MacLean

The State of NH School dashboard that reports positive covid19 case numbers still reports Zero for the school.

Full Letter from Mark MacLean can be read below: