Trump’s Official Goodbye Message for His Supporters- In Full!

Please read to the end. These are the final words from Trump. He wants them shared across all social media ASAP. Let’s show his power!

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Official Text from Trump:

To my loved supporters,

Keep America Great Again! As you know, my Twitter has been banned. My Facebook removed. All social media has been shut off. It is why I am reaching out to you, my most trusted supporters to help me now. It is important that my words reach as big an audience as possible.

You must hit share now. These words need to be in front of the eyes of everyone. Our work and your support is needed now more than ever. Make sure to head over to Facebook, Twitter and the rest to share these words. The Trump Legacy must be preserved forever!

Love You All,

Trump 45


OK, now that we have made it into paragraph two, I can let you in on a secret. This is not an official goodbye message from Trump. This is satire. THIS IS PROTECTED SPEECH. We simply gave a first paragraph to fool the average Trump supporter. This is a test. Did they make it this far as you did? OR, did they stop reading after the first paragraph or worse, did they read just the headline. Although this is not his words, it is his lasting legacy.

My Republican Friends

Did you find this article on an ardent Trump supporters Facebook or Twitter? How sad are they going to be when you go back and spill the news? “Sorry buddy, you were fooled and proved that you believe fake media.” A research report from a leading journalism organization says the president’s attacks on the news media have endangered America. This is a final test of that damage. Has the educational level of America been so eroded that people can’t read more than 140 characters?

In Closing

The attention span of the average person has been obliterated. Details are no longer trusted or read. People think they are experts, who are not. The surface must be digested and regurgitated in record time. This is Trump’s legacy. The dumbing of America. Now, go share this story, prove the stupidity and then be sad it has been shown to be true. Our future is bright, but we need to overcome so much.

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