House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined the growing list of politicians calling for Trump’s immediate impeachment. Yesterday, Trump rallied hundreds of his supporters to march on the Capitol in what became a violent protest that left 4 dead. Pelosi said that if Vice President Mike Pence chooses to not invoke the 25th Amendment that the House will then consider removing him from office in a formal proceeding. Realistically, we have no idea if they will move quickly enough to remove Trump before Biden is sworn in as President on January 20th. Since there is not enough time for a Senate trial, this move would be more symbolic than anything.

Several hours after the riots began, Trump posted a video to social media asking his supporters to go home peacefully, saying “we love you, you are very special”. This follows in the wake of him calling BLM protestors thugs, terrorists, and anarchists. Apparently, it’s inappropriate to stand up to the senseless killings of Black Americans by US police officers but it’s perfectly fine for Trump’s cultist followers to revolt against civil authority.

Insurrection is the act of revolting against the government. It is a crime under Title 18 of the US code, making that person ineligible to hold an appointed office. If charges are pressed and Trump is convicted, he will not be able to run for President again in 2024. Sedition is inciting an insurrection and is also a crime under US code. Some have described yesterday’s events as an unsuccessful coup since efforts to overturn the election failed.

Written by: Kelly Stewart

Trump’s Impeachment