Saturday morning, Trump took to twitter to push another conspiracy theory. This theory again is based on no facts. It is wildly inaccurate. Trump claims the FDA is purposely delaying vaccines to hurt his reelection.
“The deep state, or whoever, over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics,” Trump tweeted.

If the vaccine data from phase 3 studies are available by end of December, that would be super fast. Some might say “warp speed.” This is the nature of vaccine studies. The Covid-19 vaccine is already moving faster than most.

The Moderna phase 3 study began enrollment last week. Planned targeted enrollment is 30,000 people with half getting vaccine and half getting placebo.

There are 2 doses in the study,30 days apart. Moderna will probably complete enrollment in October, so the last of the second doses will be in November. To show efficacy, they will need to show a roughly 50% relative risk reduction for acquiring COVID19 in the vaccine group.

This will take time.

The other likely candidate, ChAdOx, is about 3 weeks ahead of Moderna. They have a similar efficacy hurdle, but only 1/3 of their study sites is in a high Covid area (Brazil). Also, scaling up the adenoviral based ChAdOx vaccine for billions of doses will take longer than the Moderna mRNA-based vaccine.

These companies are not delaying to hurt Trump. This is the fastest they can go without pushing out a potentially ineffective vaccine. Trumps constant lies are dangerous to science.