How VP Harris Can Sideline Moscow Mitch

Officers in front of the Capitol building were forced to deploy pepper spray after Trump supporters charged towards them in an attempt to overtake Congress. This all happened shortly after Trump promised his supporters that he will never concede the election to Biden. Protestors who are angry that Biden won the election breached police barricades, requiring officials to place the Capitol on lockdown. Evacuations of several buildings were ordered and the certification of Electoral Votes has been delayed due to their actions.

The certification process typically goes unnoticed but it’s been in the spotlight this election year due to the fact that Trump keeps asserting that Congress and Mike Pence can and should throw out the electoral votes of states that they believe were engaged in voter fraud, despite evidence to the contrary. Staff members in the Capitol building are being encouraged to escape and take refuge in underground tunnels.

Trump supporters have been led to believe by Trump himself that the election was stolen from him when in reality it was not. The chaotic scene at the Capitol is unprecedented with rioters waving Trump flags and banners and clashing with law enforcement who seemed unprepared for the onslaught of people that President Trump has been promising for the last days.

Members of Congress have reported on their social media pages that tear gas has been dispersed inside the Capitol building and Congress members have been asked to wear the gas masks located beneath their chairs as they evacuate.

Written by: Kelly Stewart