President Trump granted full pardons to 26 more people on Wednesday night, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, longtime associate Roger Stone and Charles Kushner, the father of Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

This is an absolutely disgusting abuse of Presidential power. Manafort and Stone’s pardons in particular are insulting. They lied to protect Donald Trump. They lied to cover up their and Trump’s involvement in 2016 election meddling efforts. They lied to cover up their communications with foreign entities and individuals who were actively involved in criminal efforts to steal the election.

They lied to the the Government. They lied to the authorities. They lied to the American people. These people should be in jail but instead Donald Trump is abusing the power of the Presidency to reward them for committing criminal acts on his behalf.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this but somehow I still am. It’s disgusting and I feel ashamed of a country that could allow such corrupt and self-serving actions to be taken with impunity by our leader.

I can’t wait for Donald Trump to be out of office and resigned to the waste bin of history as the failure of a leader he is. I want the names of him and his enablers to be synonymous with disgrace, with dereliction of duty, and of betrayal. This is just disgusting.

“The president ought not to have the power of pardoning, because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself. It may happen, at some future day, that he will establish a monarchy, and destroy the republic. If he has the power of granting pardons before indictment, or conviction, may he not stop inquiry and prevent detection? The case of treason ought, at least, to be excepted. This is a weighty objection with me.”

George Mason 1788

Time to amend the Constitution to match the real intent.