Trump Caught on Tape Commanding Officials to "FIND VOTES"

President Trump urged fellow Republican Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, to “find” enough votes to overturn his defeat in an one-hour phone call Saturday. The sitting President is asking a sworn in elected official to commit election fraud.

The audio is bad. I don’t know how the GOP will be able to spin this one—but they sure as hell will try. Give it a listen when you can. It’s disgusting. Democracy has one foot out the door.

Here is the Audio from The Washington Post

Please note this phone call took place yesterday. This is Trump’s current state of mind.

The house should begin immediate impeachment proceedings over this documented illegal activity and election interference (and probably like 4 other statutory crimes to find votes). It would be symbolic, but you cannot normalize this behavior.

Constitutional Lawyer Neal Katyal:

This tape demonstrates impeachable offenses. It is unAmerican and unDemocratic. Trump has had his shot to have his complaints heard. In court. He lost. Many, many times. Browbeating election officials to try to “find” votes for him is Soviet

Trumps Terrible Skills

Let’s ignore the conservative arguments and the legal arguments and let’s look at this from a negotiation standpoint since Trump is such a great business man. Over the course of an hour he goes from thinking he was cheated, to being treated unfairly, to asking for a favor, to begging, to open threats. This man has no idea how to negotiate a deal. He sounds incompetent and the scary part is that in the room with him are people either enabling this behavior or too scared to speak against it.

The fact that this call was made yesterday leads me to believe two things are possibly happening:

• Hes desperate to get one state turned so he could use that as proof he was cheated out of his election win. He still loses the election but walks away with an excuse to why he didnt lose.

• Hes afraid of the Senate being controlled by the Democrats. I don’t know if flipping 11k votes favors the Republican candidates enough to stop the runoff but any protection he might have in the next two years is severely hurt if the Democrats take the Senate. He is out of the Whitehouse come January 20th and he would only have the Senate to reliably protect him IF they’re willing to.

Find Votes?

Were in for an interesting ride in the next few months. We still dont know why Barr left so close to the end. Is he possibly pulling a ENRON Jeff Skilling and claiming the ship was in order before he left? Or did Trump cross a line and he wanted nothing to do with it? Or did he simply get off the sinking ship?

Then you have the potential book deals coming. Trump cant NDA all these folks since some of them are in public positions and work on behalf of us not Trump. Birx is definitely out and it will be interesting to see what she does to protect her now crumbling legacy after sitting back and letting Trump free base pandemic solutions on live television. Then we have the potential of Twitter telling Trump to go fuck off. Fox News is now seeing the monster they created as it turns on them. And let’s not forget the Democrats here, history has shown time and time again they manage to trip over their own shoe laces.