lindsey graham

Lindsey Graham is an unstatesmanlike practitioner of politics in the worse possible way. A mugwump who changes his position and withdraws his support to whatever services his current needs. He is an obstructionist and a gerrymandering baffon with a tie.

Graham condemned Trump for inciting the violence on Jan. 6, 2021, but quickly flip-flopped and devoted himself to groveling. He licks the boots of his Don and does it with pleasure and a winked smile.

Graham is going to try and ignore subpoenas without recourse. The bat-night blinded people that voted for him will literally vote for him again. Even if he is actively stabbing them with a knife, as long as he continues to kiss hands with reverence , he’ll have more money than Lindsey Graham could ever need.

His lady bugs. You don’t know what his lady bugs are? They are a delightful and vastly grotesque description of a part of his anatomy that only a paid person of the night would recognize. Go google it…”Lindsey Graham’s lady bugs” cause i am not telling you that story.

He flip-flops on impeachment. Yes, no, Clinton yes BJ, riot yes i mean no, use my words, not no. Like a flounder he lays flat and hides like a demon. His pray is votes that he hunts like Captain Ahab or more appropriate Captain Underpants. His master is not his constituents but a leather cropped Putin in shiny white cloaks of hidden secrets worse than any Nixon tape.

Beware of the man boy called Lindsey, Lindsey Graham. His power and thirst for more potent Putin energy is even less obsequious then to his Cheeto demigod.