The trade war between China and American has done considerable damage to both sides. The issue has gone too far and no possible solution has come forward to end it. In this thug of war, the American President has banned the Chinese video app, TikTok.

Having over a million users in America, TikTok, was a fast-growing platform attracting million of youngsters and also people of other ages in America. President Trump has banned any kind of transaction to TikTok’s parent company ByteDance.

According to news from sources, the U.S. employees of the Chinese video-sharing app are planning to file a lawsuit against the president’s executive order to ban the app. This lawsuit will be possibly filed on the coming Tuesday.

Trump has banned the app because it is helping the Chinese communist party to collect data of American users. The personal data being collected could become a major threat to the U.S. in the future according to the President.

The American employees of the company released a statement on Friday saying that the company will “pursue all remedies available to us to ensure that the rule of law is not discarded.” They further added that they want to get a guarantee of fair treatment for the company’s employees “if not by Administration, then by the US courts.”

This lawsuit that will be filed on Tuesday will be different from the one already filled by the owner of the company. The executive order will come in effect in September and it is yet to be seen that what effects it will have on 1 million US users of the video-sharing app.