Fake News

I remember learning about propaganda with the Nazis and thinking, how the hell could people be THAT stupid to support Hitler and the Holocaust…But I see why now. I can see why Fake News can be believed. Fear is a very very very powerful weapon. Gaslighting just throws people into confusion. It’s so hard to see the truth sometimes. It’s really important for everyone to have the mindset that THEY THEMSELVES could be wrong. Try to prove yourself wrong instead of trying to prove others wrong. It’s consistent with what Jesus said, first remove the plank from your own eye.

With content providers wanting to draw traffic to their content, so that their ad revenue increases. They create outlandish and provocative material to garner viewership. It is a negative feedback loop. As the consumer becomes normalized or desensitize to the content, the creators need to continually push the envelope of consumers emotions.

Until we reign in the affect that advertisers has on content. We will continue down the dark path of pushing consumers to the extremities. But it’s a fine line between controlling advertisements and the first amendment. Hopefully someone smart and competent figures it out before we are all doomed.

The truth has always been under attack by those in positions of power. Even the good ones would rather not deal with everything being exposed.

I think the fundamental difference in this era, is the proliferation of alternate “truth”, but not in the conspiratorially way. There’s literally a rewriting of the present as it happens by certain actors, not a spin, not a critique, a literal wholesale revision of current events as they happen.

The alternate timeline being created cannot be tolerated, it cannot be laughed off, and it cannot be put back in the box.