Here is Clarence Thomas explicitly calling for the court to overturn:

1. Griswold (contraception)

2. Lawrence (same-sex sexual intercourse)

3. Obergefell (gay marriage)

What a disgusting and predictable ruling. The right wing has finally achieved a goal they’ve had for decades. They’ve given states the freedom to control women’s bodies.

It is not an exaggeration when I say this, so any of you who think this should be a state issue, listen up:

Because of this ruling, women will suffer, women will die, and there will be lives destroyed.

Some women will be forced to carry an unviable pregnancy to term. Consider that. Think of the despair of knowing something is growing inside you that you don’t have the ability to remove.

In some cases, the pregnancy will be fatal. So now you’ve got to carry this thing that will tax your body and risk your life, watching helplessly as it’s growing larger every day, knowing that it’s a ticking time bomb.

And before any of you go on about, “Oh she should have abstained until marriage if she didn’t want a kid”. Many married couples don’t want children or can’t afford to have children.

Additionally, rape happens and it can and does happen between family members. Even when it doesn’t, you’re now forcing a victim of a terrible act to undergo a huge medical, financial, mental, emotional, and social burden. But that’s not even the worst part.

In some states they’re banning birth control, claiming that it’s a form of abortion. So now you’ve got women who can’t risk having sex under any circumstances. Sex is a normal part of the human experience, and we as a society had reached a point where carrying a child was a choice. Now you’re going to force women to be incubators. Forced pregnancy is a literal crime against humanity as outlined by the Geneva Convention.

There is no aid being offered to those who are forced to give birth. No childcare. No guaranteed maternity leave. No government healthcare. No overhaul of the adoption system.

The people who advocate for this don’t care about children and they never have. This is about virtue signaling and controlling women. This is opening the door to strip rights from many other groups.

If you support this ruling, fuck you. The people who say “let the states decide” are the same people who said “let the states decide” on slavery…. treat them accordingly