Progressive Revolution

The idea that a 2020 Trump victory would usher in some kind of progressive revolution is belied by the fact that WE TRIED THAT ALREADY.

“Oh, if Trump wins it’ll just make the whole world realize that progressives are the best and then Bernie will sweep into the White House!”

Now in Joe Biden we have a Presidential nominee to Hillary Clinton’s right.

There is no progressive revolution. It’s a progressive evolution, and it comes in the form of Representatives like Abby Finkenauer, Katie Hill, Josh Harder, Lauren Underwood, Max Rose, and other young, progressive Democrats. (Was going to say AOC, but would you believe she votes as the 4th-most conservative Democrat in the House? I’d love to see her back up her talk with action.)

You aren’t going to get everything you want right now. If you think that getting some but not all of what you want is the exact same thing as getting the opposite of what you want, that is stupid. And selfish. And privileged. And have I mentioned stupid?

This election isn’t about YOU. It isn’t about your feelings. Donald Trump doesn’t care that you only helped him win because you couldn’t be bothered to vote for Joe Biden. Neither, by the way, does the Democratic Party. You know why the “evil DNC” doesn’t pay attention to you? Because there is no world in which they could rely on you to do anything resembling the right thing. They’ve written you off.

If you care about actual progressivism, you will vote for Joe Biden. If you care more about how you’ll feel in the morning and whether you can look yourself in the mirror, and reassess.

Written By:
Nick Rollins