The GOP just created a political nuclear weapon with its Texas abortion law. Blue states could just as easily use the type of legislative tactic to go after things like guns. Let’s create a law allowing any person to sue any other person for $10k that sells or provides a gun that in any way is used in the commission of a crime. Just let anyone sue anyone who was involved in the manufacturing and distributing the gun whether that transfer was legal or not. Just as Texas has with this abortion law.

Go after everything conservatives hold dear. Not just guns. They won’t hold back now they have this weapon in their hands. Neither should the democrats.

Create laws that evade judicial review in regards to issues conservatives hold dear. The point is to make the cost of this tactic so high that legislators won’t do it. They will repeal this stupid Texas law.

If you are thinking…but… guns are protected by the Constitution and abortions are not. Wrong.Roe v. Wade literally was a SCOTUS decision that women had a Constitutional right to an abortion based on the due process clause of the 14th amendment.