Art activists and curators have been trying to fight and stop what is the destruction of a building in Oslo, Norway since it is where some pieces of famous artists Pablo Picasso and Carl Nesjar reside. The building that goes by the name of Y-Block, contains several murals by the artists, becoming a popular spot for art enthusiasts to admire their legacy. The artists were known to travel around to the globe and create some of the most amazing murals combining their unique visions of the world.

Experts in preservation argued that once the building is completely destroyed, even if they tried to separate the pieces to be relocated, they would be changed in an irreversible way. Especially because a lot of the workers lack the proper training in preservation and the delicate murals can easily crack.

These murals took a span of over 10 years to be fully finished and the building itself has been called a Scandinavian architecture masterpiece. The whole situation has become a multinational outcry in the art world, with multiple petitions with tens of thousands of signatures and letters from renown institutions like the New York’s Museum of Modern Art quoting”

“The demolition of the building complex would not only constitute a significant loss of Norwegian architectural heritage, but it would also render any attempt to salvage or reposition Picasso’s site-specific murals elsewhere unfortunate.”

For a little background, the building was the first target of the 2011 attack by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, by detonating a car bomb next to the building.