Robert’s Trump Funereal will possibly be held at the White House

This supreme court is the real fallout of the 2016 election. On that fateful day in November 2016 half the country knew it was going to get rolled over by the Trump administration. We knew he would get to appoint at least two supreme court justices and now they are going to set this this country backwards for a generation.

Supreme Court Activist Judges

The crazy thing is the Supreme Court Justices aren’t even pretending to be ruling cases based on their merits. It is rather obvious that they are the definition of “activist judges” that the right was whining about during the George W Bush administration.

America is messed up for at least a generation because some people decided to stay home to ‘show the Dems’ for nominating Hillary. Congratulations, your mission is accomplished. Woman’s rights are diminished, environmental protections are gone, forced prayer is back and marriage rights are next. Independents or progressives who voted for third party tickets along with complicit Republicans.


There’s one way out of this, and only one. So if you care about the planet, here’s what you need to do.

This ruling states that the EPA can’t regulate power plant emissions unless Congress gives them the authority to do so.

That’s the key here. Congress has to give them the authority.

The way we give the EPA its power back is:

• Keep a Democratic majority in the House so they can pass standards. (You know Republicans won’t).

• Abolish the filibuster in the Senate so Republicans don’t block new standards. This can be done with more anti-filibuster Senators.

Voting may not seem exciting, but that’s how the right built this insane Supreme Court. And it’s the only way we can save the planet. Stop splitting the Democratic party into fractions. Vote for Dems. I know it is not as sexy as voting for some fringe candidate but it is needed to save the planet.