The Amazing Album by Taylor Swift: 'Folklore' Music Review

An album released during the despairing times of pandemic touched the hearts of its listeners. This album by Taylor Swift was recorded during the time when almost half of the world was in quarantine. Folklore was more of a surprise for Taylor Swift’s fans as it was unleashed with less than a day’s warning. 

As always expected from Taylor Swift, this album wasn’t of the nature to fill the stadiums. Folklore is the eighth studio album by Taylor Swift. Album is aesthetically enriched with vivid storytelling. It is a perfect blend of nostalgia, introspection, and escapism. 

Emotional weight of this album was comparatively quite heavier than most of her albums. In its first week, the album sold two million copies worldwide. It topped the lists in Canada, Australia, and many others. 

As part of Taylor Swift’s legacy, many records were broken by Folklore, such as the Guinness World Record for the biggest opening day for an album by a female artist on Spotify. 

The album has a mesmerizing folksy presentation, perfect in the quarantine season. The songs are perfect for fresh Sunday mornings as storytelling is both fictional and personal. The first song “the 1” dropped like a bomb, filled with unimaginable nostalgia. 

Every song of the album has an artistic dark theme that distinctively represents peace. Taylor Swift has the power to make one miss the places they’ve never been to and miss the people they’ve never met.

Swift’s ninth studio album, Evermore, was a surprise album released on December 11, 2020. Described as a “sister record” to Folklore, the surprise release once again includes collaborations with Bon Iver, Aaron Dessner, and Jack Antonoff, as well as with American rock bands Haim and The Nationa