I don’t know what else it is going to take to make everyone understand what is going on. If you are still directing your anger at Democrats or saying voting doesn’t matter, it seems like nothing will get through to you.

Republicans are attempting to destroy this country because they know they are the minority and are shrinking. Direct your anger at them, and get off your ass and vote for their opponent. It’s literally the only chance this country has.

There are people working overtime online to convince you otherwise. Some are bad actors trying to trick you, others are doing it because there is money in it for them. But the fact remains that your choices are Democrats with power and a democratic country or Republicans with power and a further slide toward authoritarianism and theocracy. There is no other choice you have.

I honestly think most of this country is the boiling frog, and they are going to sit on their hands until the water is boiling and it’s too late. We will all feel the boil, even the idiots voting for the fascists.