Department of Health and Human Services

At Governor Sununu’s Covid-19 press conference on Tuesday, Lori Shibinette, Commissioner of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, indicated that the State did not report on outbreaks of Covid-19 at child care centers. While fielding a question regarding remote learning, Shibinette indicated that there had been outbreaks of Covid-19 at child care centers.

“We did have a couple of clusters of illness in child care centers. We would announce outbreaks if there was a reason to notify the public.”

Lori Shibinette

Shibinette indicated that the state was able to track the infection via contract tracing, so in their judgement there was no need to notify the public.

The glaring problem with this omission is that parents and school boards are currently trying to decide what is safe for their children’s education. The governor abdicated his duties of making a statewide decision regarding the opening of schools and left it to individual school boards to decide. The Governor then did not provide the necessary information and tools for those communities to make a decision.

The lack of release of this vital information brings into question the safety of our children in our schools. The state needs to release detailed information on the counts and frequency of infection in New Hampshire child care centers.

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