‘Someone’s gonna bomb you’: Man at N.H. Trump rally threatens 7News crew

During a Trump rally held in New Hampshire, a man walked up to a news crew without a mask. At this point, the newscaster took a few steps back and also asked the man to step back. The man refused and then proceeded to go on a rant including saying that “their lives matter.”

At the end of the new 2 minute encounter, the man says “Someone is gonna bomb you.” While the entire interaction was occurring, the song “Macho Man” was playing from the Trump PA system in the background. Reporter Alex DiPrato, posted the video on Twitter. The video that was on the newscaster’s twitter page has since been removed.

This encounter is not acceptable. The President of the United States of America classified the press as an enemy of the people. Not only has this emboldened authoritarian governments around the world, but half of America truly believes the press are now not reporting “real news.” On many forums, people simply say “fake news” whenever a fact they don’t personally care for is cast into the spotlight.

This damage is permanent, and Trump needs to be held accountable, but the tools to hold him accountable are being discredited. We fall further each day.

Twitter post that has since been removed below:

This man approached us the first time outside the Trump rally, left, then came back a second time while “Macho Man” was playing. #machoman pic.twitter.com/6fIB1Ne8wg

— Alex DiPrato (@AlexDiPrato) August 29, 2020