America is full of single issue voters.

The NRA itself boasts that it can bring 8 million votes to any candidate that supports their agenda. And they mean it. Trump is very much an example of this. NRA voters wouldn’t care if your campaign platform was to throw all migrant children into rape dungeons so long as you were pro NRA 2A.

Then you have single issue Abortion voters. They don’t care if you lock up refugees in inhumane detention centers. They don’t care if you refuse to acknowledge a viral pandemic and refuse to take steps to prevent the spread leading to the deaths of 250 000 americans and counting. As long as you promise to employ judges that will veto womans rights. You can count on millions of votes.

I think those people are absolutely reprehensible. But single issue voters are where the republican party draw a lot of their support. While it’s absolutely correct to then label those people as complicit in the rise of white supremacy, white nationalism, the rise in state sponsored extrajudicial killing of American citizens. Those people would not say they support those things. They would get angry if you called them racist. However they are not opposed to electing racists so long as their single issue is taken care of.

You can slaughter, rape, steal, and abuse americans as a core platform policy. But so long as you promise to fight abortions and fight gun regulation. You’re probably looking at almost 15-20 million votes coming your way.

That doesn’t even take into account the Fundamentalist Christian single issue voters.

Does that bring you up to 25-30 million people who will vote for any republican candidate who promises them their single issue?

Then maybe trump gets 10 million votes from people who are downright racist and vote for him because of his white supremacist agenda.

After that, he doesn’t even need that many “normal conservatives” at that point,.