He is a great speaker, but his points are without merit.

1. “A large number of Americans think the election was fraudulent, so an audit or investigation is needed.”

Most commonly, you see this video attached with it showing Senator Cruz eloquently making the case for delaying the counting of electoral votes and launching an investigation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uAnT1Bz2rQ

He is a great speaker, but his points are without merit.

First he says “Recent polling shows that 39% of Americans believe the election that just occurred was rigged.” This is false, and misconstruing a survey done where the question was if they agreed with the statement “I am concerned that the election is rigged.” This did not imply belief or validation to the false claims of a fraudulent election. Cruz combined the two responses of “Strongly Agree” at 22% and “Somewhat Agree” at 17% to say 39% of Americans believe the election was rigged. This removes not only the intention of the study, but also the nuance in the responses.

Later when the same folks were asked if the following statement was accurate or inaccurate “What comes close to your view of the 2020 election: The result of illegal voting or election rigging,” accurate was chosen by 28%, with over 80% of those identifying as Republican. This is far lower than the 39% number Cruz mentioned. He later asked for a 10 day investigation or an audit of votes. There is no evidence or basis for concern about this election and these terms are misleading to sound as if he wants clarity. First, it is more or less impossible for congress to start an investigation, let alone finish one, in a matter of days for it to finish by the 20th when the inauguration happens. Selecting members of the investigation, setting a plan, performing it, collecting results, and then reporting findings to congress is a matter of many months at best. Cruz knows this.

Second, an “audit” of the votes in the states where results are in question (for only the presidential portion where republicans lost but not the congressional portions where they won) has been done at the state level. An audit of votes at the state level by the federal government is simply not how things are done. They could request the states do an audit, but there is no reason to think this would be different from the other audits already done. Cruz knows this.

This was all theatre to delay and for Americans to lose confidence in our electoral system for political gain. They had all the time in the world to submit evidence in court, where lying bears punishment, and showed none.

2: “Antifa was actually responsible for the attacks on the capitol.”

This one is the funniest, and of course this is not true. One of the better and more ardent spin artists, Matt Gaetz, went as far as to say in congress that facial recognition tech identified Antifa members. This is based on an article in the Washington Times, a site known to push fake articles and drum up outrage for clicks.

There is no evidence this is the case. The rally was by Trump supporters bearing paraphernalia tattered with Trump’s name. This mob also formed from a rally organized by Trump to contest a valid election, something more “fa” than “antifa.”

The facial recognition story was also false. They reference a firm called XRVision, who does work in facial recognition, but they never said anything of the sort and have pursued legal action against the Washington Times for the false story. Like other instances when these sorts of sites are sued, they will take down the story, announce no retractions, and then claim they are an entertainment site and not a news org; this alleviates the standards they are held to while still keeping the guise of a legitimate news site. For the record, Tucker Carlson has used the same defense successfully: https://www.businessinsider.com/fox-news-karen-mcdougal

4: “They just walked around the capitol and took some souvenirs. This is blown out of proportion.”

You would think after all the drama with SolarWinds, people would realize how big of a deal this is. This is a national security nightmare for those who understand technology. Every network port, every computer, every office, every camera, anything in that whole building is going to be swept, checked, or flat out replaced. And to be franked, probably should all be replaced. They had unfettered access to the capitol, congress members offices, and whatever infrastructure is there. Anyone who knows what they are doing could easily make spying on our government extremely easy unless we take necessary and drastic steps. Laptops were stolen that had potentially classified information. People sat in the office of the speaker of the house, a person who is to be notified before military action, and who knows what could have been planted there.

Though we have no reason to think any of the people genuinely going to protest in support of Trump are spies, anyone who did wish to do harm could see on TV our capitol being breached and joined right in to do whatever maleficence they had in mind.

I cannot overstate this, this is a nightmare for cyber security.

5: “Trump had nothing to do with this. He didn’t incite them and it wasn’t about him.”

This is another one of those “squint, turn your head, and only look at things from this angle” scenarios so people can have a point. Trump said things at the rally like “You will never take back your country with weakness.” He encouraged them to go to the capitol after the rally, and was supportive of the movement on twitter. While the capitol was being breached, his messaging was incredibly weak. Saying “stay peaceful” and “don’t hurt anyone.” A clear, obvious, and moral message would have been telling people to stop, leave the capitol and go home. He waited several hours before doing so, some reports say ignoring his advisors urging him to put an end to it.

Trump told people to go to the capitol and show strength, they obviously took that as storming the capitol. Whether Trump meant that or not doesn’t really matter, because he did not really dissuade them while doing it. Trump said repeatedly that the media was the enemy of the people, several media members were attacked and property destroyed. Trump told people at the rally they have to fight “much harder” when encouraging them to go to the capitol.

And that was just the day of. It would be ignorant to ignore the months before this where he claimed falsely and repeatedly that the election was stolen, that people need to rise up, and that people should take their country back. To try to disconnect this from the messaging on the day of the rally and monthly leading up to it would be dishonest.