Ukraine war

Developments in the Russian vs Ukraine War.

On the 24th day of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine after a long bark and forth about land disputes and Ukraine’s insistence on joining The North Atlantic Treaty Organization popularly known as NATO. Russia’s invasion has caused a lot of serious damage to Ukraine. As of today, the war has lasted for 131 days causing Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II from 1939 to 1945.

Ukrainian War

Since the 24th of February when Ukrainian War started, a lot of things have happened. Here are some of the recent developments in the Russian vs Ukraine war.

  • As of today, Russia has claimed that it is in control of Ukraine’s eastern region of Lysychansk. Russia also claimed that Ukrainian forces have retracted from the region.
  • Sergei Shiogu, the Russian defense minister said Moscow’s forces had established full control in Lysychansk and nearby settlements.
  • Ukraine’s military command has confirmed Russia’s claim. They said their troops had been forced to pull back from Lysychansk. They said they had to do that because failure to do so can cause serious consequences.
  • In an evening address, President Zelenskiy vowed that his troops will regain the city within a few days with the help of long-rage western weapons. He said his country won’t give up anything.
  • In another recent development in the Ukrainian War, the city of Sloviansk in eastern Ukraine was hit by powerful shelling from several rocket launchers with six people reportedly killed while several others sustained various degrees of injuries. Vadim Lyakh, the city’s mayor made this information available to local media.
  • Also, another regional city called Kramatorsk was hit by a missile according to its mayor Oleksandr Goncharenko. He said three rockets hit the town on Sunday and there have not been any reports of dead or injured people.
  • In another report, three people have been killed and a lot of buildings have been damaged in the city of Belgarod. The Governor of the city Vyacheslav Gladkov said 11 apartment buildings were damaged while 39 residential buildings were also affected.
  • The UK authorities have said they might follow the example of Canada by seizing the assets of Russians in the UK and hand them over to Ukraine. Liz Truss said she is in support of the idea. She said the UK government could seize frozen Russian assets in the UK and distribute the frozen assets to the victims of Russia’s war in Ukraine.
  • The Australian government has made it known to the general public that they will send more than $100 million in aid and military equipment to Ukraine. Also, the government promised to place various sanctions on 16 new Russian officials following Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s secret trip to Kyiv. He made this known after he visited Bucha, Hostomel, and Irpin where evidence of mass killings and torture was uncovered after the withdrawal of Russian forces.
  • The UK has promised to host a 2023 recovery conference to help Ukraine rebuild from the damage caused by the war. The conference will commence on Monday in Lugano Switzerland according to the foreign office of the UK.