Putin blames the United States and the European Union of Hypocrisy over Belarus Crisis

In his recent interview with state-owned television channel, Russian President, Vladimir Putin has blamed the United States and the European Union of being hypocrites over the Belarus crisis. The interview was conducted on Thursday by Russia-1.

The Russian President referred to the shooting of Jacob Blake and police brutality on the Yellow Jacket movement in France. He said that you cannot condemn Belarusian police brutality and do the same thing in your country.

When the first two days of Belarusian protest were termed as uncomfortable by the interviewer, the Russian President replied by saying, “Was it comfortable when in some European countries people were dying almost every day? And was it comfortable when an unarmed person was shot in back, despite the fact that he also has three children in his car?”

Putin went on to say that these nations are hypocrites and they only want to place their influence upon other nations. He also accused the US and the EU of ‘selectivity’ for condemning the Belarusian leadership and doing nothing about police brutality in their own countries.

While discussing the Belarusian crisis, Putin claimed that Russia has been been ‘restrained and neutral’ over the issue as compared to the United States and the European Union. Both the United States and European Union had been very vocal over the presidential elections in Belarus. According to them, the election was not free and fair. The United States and European Union have also strongly condemned the use of force upon peaceful protestors in Belarus.