post office

With the growing threats of COVID-19, United States is considering the mail-in ballots option for the 2020 Presidential Election due in November. Mail-in ballots are sent to every eligible voter through postal services. The voters then sign the ballot and then send it back again using the postal services.
The US postal services have issued a warning that due to a huge load of work they may not be able to deliver ballots on time. This announcement has raised perplexity among the masses. Many voters may get disenfranchised if their ballots arrive late than the Election Day.

Many states have used the option of mail-in and absentee ballots for their local election and the results are in no sense encouraging. In the New York state around 400,000 voters requested absentee ballots. According to the source, every one of the four ballots was invalidated. Most of the ballots were invalidated because of late arrival. Accordingly, many ballots got rejected as they were not correctly signed by either the post offices or by the voters.

Failure of postal services in state elections has raised concerns over the implication f this process in the presidential race on November 3. Mail-in ballots are a great way to avoid the spread of COVID-19 but will it work is the real question.

Additionally, this could also raise questions about the validity of results. Many candidates may reject the results due to the possibility that huge numbers of votes may get invalidated. Many candidates of local elections have already filed lawsuits against the State Board of Election and USPS. The failure of postal services in managing workload may create a political crisis after the election. America already struck with COVID-19 and social movement may not be able to afford such a crisis.