Police Officer Death at Capitol Turns into Federal Murder Investigation

Prosecutors at the US Attorney’s Office are opening a federal murder investigation into the death of Capitol Officer Brian D. Sicknick, a former Iraqi War Veteran. On Wednesday, Officer Sicknick responded to the riots at the Capitol, sustaining injuries that caused his death Thursday evening. Reports say that Sicknick was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher during the siege of the Capitol. He later collapsed and was given immediate medical attention but it was too late.

His death is currently being investigated by the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide branch, US Capitol Police, and the feds. Sicknick is the 5th person to die as a result of Wednesday’s insurrection. One woman was shot and killed by police while three others suffered medical emergencies that turned fatal.

Flags at the Capitol have been lowered in honor of Officer Sicknick, reminding us that first responders run into danger in order to ensure peace. Wednesday’s events showed us just how underprepared law enforcement was for this long-planned attack of the Capitol. As a result, Chief of Police Steven Sund announced his resignation yesterday after multiple breaches in security allowed protestors to break into the Capitol building. It is also reported that his department turned down offers of help both from the FBI and the National Guard ahead of the ensuing mayhem.

After Trump’s act of sedition, many of his closest advisors and leaders of top federal agencies have begun abandoning ship and submitting their resignations with less than 2 weeks left in his presidential term. Trump’s actions have also led to lawmakers on both sides to demand his resignation with some seeking a second impeachment.

Written by: Kelly Stewart