Mike Pence slammed Biden in his Speech

He’s the second most culpable actor in the entire story. He waited till the last possible minute, did the absolute bare minimum to defend democracy, then made nice with Trump and re-affirmed both their relationship and the basic rightness of the cause they share. It’s a suite of cascading cowardly acts unmatched in any post-WW2 historical account. It staggers the imagination how chicken, corrupt, and callous this walking heat-blister really is. Meanwhile legacy media knights him 100 times a day. Calling him a hero. Sharing recent video of Pence branding BIDEN a liar.

Trump tried to have this dude whacked. The mob was gunning for Pence. Trump encouraged them, then proceeded to rip him as a treasonous coward basically every time somebody put a mic in his grill. Only now, in this specific timeline, could such an unnatural blight as Mike Pence be labeled a “hero” for almost failing to perform the most basic accountability of his job on behalf of a man actively drying to physically destroy him.

The only reason Mike Pence didn’t run from the capital screaming & wailing was because he knew there’d be pictures and also knew any pictures of him fleeing the insurrection in fear would absolutely be used against him in a future campaign. There was nothing noble about it.

Trump and Pence are both snakes. The only difference is that Pence isn’t stupid enough to tell everyone what he’s up to. Pence is not a hero. That wasn’t even a shining moment. It was mostly fear. He was afraid trump wouldn’t be successful. He was almost certain he would fail, and he didn’t want to go down with that burning ship. If Pence cared one iota about American democracy he would have been speaking out against trump leading up to the 6th. None of these folks deserve any praise whatsoever. He looked and searched for someone to tell him he could do it… he wanted to do it. In the end, he is a coward. Dan ‘Potatoe’ Quail didn’t give Pence the scapegoat he wqs hoping for.