Can we all just stop what we are doing, stand up and yell at the top of our lungs……..

“THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!”

It DOES suck. No one is happy with what is happening with schools. No one wins. Everyone has an opinion. This situation is unprecedented. We have never had to make such important decisions regarding education. We all are worried that they will fall behind. That they will miss out. That they will not have the experiences that we had.

This may all come true but we will be okay. They will be okay. We will figure it out and we will adjust as we go along. We will work SO hard to do what is best for them. That’s what we do. That’s what we have always done and we are not going to quit now. Trust your gut and do what you need to do. Trust educators to do the absolute best that they can given what is thrown at them. Trust that we all care deeply. Trust that we will all be okay.

Written by:
Jackie J, School Counselor