New Music Review Sad13

New Music Review Sad13: A great concept by Sadie Dupius of speedy Oritz has released the second solo as Sad13, Haunted Painting. She has used maximalist electronic pop to explore the perception of one’s self, also the thoughts of youth and reckoning with the past. 

As the name of the album depicts, this album is a horror story written with a glittery gel pen to have artistic visualization. The theme of the album has diversity like cancel culture and comedians, and isolation. 

This album has 11 songs in total, every song has a unique contribution to the album. All of the songs have a chronological depiction of events that deals with personal loss and sorrow. Haunted painting has a huge fan following of every age group, especially, it hits adults more on creepy weekend nights. 

Dupuis has confidently portrayed the perceptional ability of herself as an adult and she knew exactly where to turn the table around and make the audience suspicious yet relatable. The ambitious lady has written and composed songs with multi-tracked backgrounds which give haunted effects. 

Undoubtedly, the way Dupius has portrayed herself; the painful eyes to her deceitful smile, the complexity of her music makes it more attractive.

Sadie Dupuis (born Sarah Dupuis; July 8, 1988) is an American poet and a multi-instrumentalist and is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and lyricist for the band Speedy Ortiz and formerly for the band Quilty.