New Mexico decides to sue the postmaster for illegal USPS changes

New Mexico decides to sue the postmaster for illegal USPS changes    

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas announced that the state would sue the Trump administration and postmaster DeJoy for the illegal changes made to the United States Postal Services or USPS. 

As per the recent changes introduced to United States Postal Services, Postmaster DeJoy eliminated overtime, reduced office hours, and ordered the removal of mailing equipment. These amendments caused a great stir in the political circle and many Democrats claimed these changes would impact the elections by impeding the timely delivery of mail-in ballots. 

After Balderas announced to file a lawsuit, DeJoy said that he would stop the changes until after the elections. But Balderas doesn’t seem to withdraw, as he said that he would still file a lawsuit against DeJoy because he made the changes before asking from the Postal Regulatory Commission which is illegal. 

“The postal service is a vital lifeline for rural New Mexico, and this action threatens to disproportionately harm our Indigenous communities, from their daily living to their ability to participate in our democracy. I am asking the courts to step in and supervise this process to ensure that the federal government is working with states, including our Secretary of State, to ensure these services are delivered in the way our Constitution mandates,” said Hector Balderas. 

Many other states such as Pennsylvania, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin, have also announced to file a lawsuit against Trump administration and postmaster.