school closed for covid19

A Nebraska school district canceled in-person teaching after three staff members in Broken Bow School District tested positive for the coronavirus. 

In a statement released on August 16, superintendent Darren Tobey announced that the decision was made to ensure the safety of the students and the staff. He said that besides the members who tested positive for the virus, 24 more are in quarantine for the potential exposure. 

Tobey reported that all the preschool and grade 6-12 classes have been called off until August 21. He added that the classes are scheduled to restart on August 24, and all the students and the staff members will be required to wear masks until September 7, even for the extracurricular activities and transportation. 

School in the US started reopening after a strong push by the President last month. President Donald Trump said that keeping the schools closed is “causing death also,” but, “the lower they are in age, the lower the risk,”  He also indicated he would terminate the schools’ federal funding if they didn’t open. 

“We say if a school doesn’t want to open or if a governor doesn’t want to open, maybe for political reasons and maybe not but there is some of that going on, the money should go to the parents, so they can send their children to the school of their choice. If schools stay closed, the money should follow the students so families are in control of decisions about their sons and daughters, about their children,” said Trump. 

A similar situation is observed across the other states as well. States like Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama have also canceled the in-person teaching after teachers and students were tested positive for coronavirus.