Kids who aren’t going to college now. Won’t have their first date. Don’t even get the opportunity to figure out what their dreams are let alone accomplish them. Knocked down.

Teachers who chose a profession that sees them treated and paid very little just to make a difference in young peoples lives.

It’s unfair. School shootings are just so unfair.

We need a swift and immediate change to mental health care AND Gun legislation. We need to do anything on common-sense gun legislation or mental health, but it seems it won’t happen and if it did, it wouldn’t stop it all. Maybe blunt it a little, but that’s it.

Truth is gun control and mental healthcare are just the beginning of this crisis. We have a decaying social welfare structure in almost every way, a poisonous media, extreme income and wealth inequality and little social and economic mobility. We are so socially shorn from one another now. Our bonds to each other are cut and we are told to just work, consume, and die. A fabric of torn culture that is cut off, love your own only, and keep what is yours. When we question why this is all that lies ahead of us while a few get so much, they give us a scapegoat who is usually living just as precariously as we are. We go blame and hate them instead. Then we wonder why we seem to incubating mass shooters all day long.

Some common-sense gun laws are crucial, as is universal healthcare. But they won’t solve this problem alone, and the others are similarly gigantic lifts. I don’t see a way forward unless we create a mass movement.

No single statistic, or factor exists in a vacuum. All of these things are correlated, and I think we are constantly missing the mark by blaming these problems on something as easy as guns. There are a lot of issues that our country seems incapable of facing, and it is exacerbating this problem.

Perhaps it’s because pointing and blaming an inanimate object is easier than actually looking deeply into our culture, and assessing who we are as a nation. The average person doesn’t seem too introspective (I have many moments myself where I lack self awareness), and as such, doesn’t want to see the bigger picture that’s going on presently.

The NRA is fundamental flawed. Guns do kill people and people kill people. Salad tongs, spoons and portable AC units do not cause massive school shootings. Guns are the tool. However, until both sides are willig to provide the cure to the mental instability of the nation….hate, to fear to lack of empathy…we will not make our way out. Happiness is a not found in a warm gun.