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At this moment, Mitch McConnell is thinking that he has won.

McConnell’s last four years have been devoted to sinking conservative judges deep within the government, as many as possible. He did this because he expected that the Republicans would lose the 2020 election, but the judges he’s implanted in the government would keep conservative government alive long enough for the public to forget and start electing Republicans again. He expected conservatives to lay low for the next 4-8 years, and he gave them a lifeline to stay relevant during that time.

But he won re-election. Almost every Republican did. That means that he’s not out of power — conservatives aren’t out of power. Trump is gone because Trump was terrible, but there are enough right-wing voters to keep him in business. He’s won, and he’s built a power structure that will make it impossible to oppose him. Even if the Democrats take a bare majority of the Senate, he has the judges *and* he retains enough personal power to push back against any attempt to unfuck the judiciary. He might even be able to stall Biden’s entire term, *and* campaign in 2024 on how Biden did nothing.

Mitch McConnell has won, as completely as any politician in this country can win. Trump is an annoyance; nothing Trump does can affect McConnell’s next four years. The only way to ruin McConnell’s day is for a civil war to break out, and he (like most of the wealthy and powerful) doesn’t seriously believe that’s possible.

He’s won. McConnell is feeling pleased with himself. He probably wishes Trump would shut up and go away, but he doesn’t really care what Trump does now.