Does Concord need a mask ordinance? My answer is “yes” — and here is why.

It saddens me that parents in my school district are so brazenly against masks. One of the valid points of their argument revolves around masks hindering the education of kids. I can agree with that a little, masks are annoying… but…

These parent’s are now purposely going to be having their kids suspended for not wearing a mask. This is being done by sending them to school without a mask to knowingly get suspended. 1,2,3,4, and 5 day suspensions progressively for each offense. A child will be punished with a almost a month out of school. A month lost of education. These parents do not have the best interests of their child in mind if this is their solution.

They are also threatening to unenroll their kids then re-enrolling them later so the schools don’t get all the federal funds they deserve(lower enrollment numbers means less $$$).

These parents are hurting their children by purposely having their kids suspended. They are purposely hurting our schools and all the children with holding funding hostage. These acts are not normal. They are endangering the education of not just their children but everyone in this district. Not to mention the health risks of not wearing a mask during a global pandemic. These parents who are purposely encouraging this type of behavior should have their children expelled from the district. If they are unwilling to act reasonably and instead wish to endanger and sabotage the education of other students there is no other solution.

Don’t let these parents sabotage other families. They are now purposely not only endangering my kids health safety but now also their education. This is not acceptable.