Mandatory vaccines are the same as telling me I cant have a glass of wine, or 20. The same tyrannical dictator logic that outlaws me having a bottle of wine or two on the drive to work. Look, the vast majority of the time, you can get by just fine. I also complete my job while drunk mostly fine too. I almost never swerve into a stopped school bus, and don’t forget, sober people cause accidents too, so where’s the logic in banning a good time, huh? And frankly, if some old folks or person with a mobility issue can’t dodge a car on the sidewalk, they were on their way out anyway. It’s about my rights and my freedoms, and the nanny state losers who want to control my life because they’re afraid of a harmless head on collision at 65 miles an hour.

If people are scared of my drunk driving, they should just stay home. Why would they be scared their seatbelts work right? Plus there is a very slim chance of dying in a car wreck because of air bags. It’s like a fender bender bro. Kids are pretty quick on their feet anyway. Have you seen kids run? They hardly ever get hit. And now they have speed limits in front of every school. It’s time to fight this tyranny.

No, they have a good point. The vaccine doesn’t eliminate the odds of transmission, so what difference does it make?

Oh, wait …. this is not true? My actions do have cconsequences for others? Ok, I will roll up my sleeves and do my part. Let me put down this bottle first.