lindsey Graham

Senator Graham will not comply with a legal subpoena issued for a grand jury investigation in the state of Georgia for 2020 election tampering. This stems from the call trump made to attempt to overturn the 2020 election by ‘finding votes.’ Fulton County, Georgia, investigators have told Graham he is “neither a subject nor target of the investigation, simply a witness.” The Graham subpoena was not the only one issued for trumps circle. Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, John Eastman and several others also received a subpoena.

1. That members of Congress should not be forced to testify against either the President or Supreme court as it is a Federal conflict of interest. However, there are a couple of issues with this approach: Trump is not the President. This is not a Federal case, it is a state case, so there is no conflict.

2. He has stated that this will affect his ability to do his job as a member of Congress. He is likely correct about this, testifying against Trump will have a political backlash. However, the courts are not concerned with politics, they are concerned with adjudicating the laws. The fact that the criminal has political connections is irrelevant.

Graham Subpoena

A sitting senator, Head of the Judiciary Committee, Thinks he, too, is above the law.

Lindsey Graham is going to exhaust all legal recourse to delay complying with the subpoena before he submits to avoid prison. Unlikely he will get arrested outright since he isn’t a subject or target – but he could be held in contempt and face daily fines until he complies. If he doesn’t pay up, the court can act to seize his assets.

In 1998 he thought it was a serious problem if a President (Nixon) didn’t comply with a subpoena. 1998 Lindsey really needs to have a talk with 2022 Lindsey about the Graham Subpoena.

Graham was elected to the United States Senate in 2002 and was re-elected in 2008, 2014, and 2020. 

Currently Graham serves on the Senate Committee on the Budget. He also serves as a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. 

Prior to serving in the Senate, Graham was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.