President Trump is pushing a ludicrous theory that doctors are purposefully lying about the coronavirus pandemic because they want to harm his chances of re-election later this year

Let’s ignore the fact – and it is a fact- that this isn’t true.

Instead, assume that it is true… doctors are lying.

What does that say about Trump? If doctors, thousands of them in unison, in grand conspiracy against the President, hate him enough to fabricate evidence by the millions and somehow convince their patients to play along, and comit insurance fraud, doesn’t that indicate something? If you’re so bad that doctors are forced to fabricate an alternate reality to remove you from office, then shouldn’t you ask yourself why? Wouldn’t it mean that maybe, just maybe, you’re a horrible piece of garbage and a threat to the nation – and this, again, is your best-case scenario? This is your fabricated defense: that you are so hated by such a large number of experts that they’re forced to fabricate reality to get rid of you. That’s your claim. That’s the best way you could spin this.

Doesn’t that make you stop and think, even for a fraction of a moment, that maybe you’re the problem?

But, of course, it’s not true. The actual truth is this: your denial of the facts and unwillingness to listen to experts has caused the deaths of nearly 140,000 American citizens, has crippled the economy, and threatens to unravel society from the bottom up when forced to place our children in harm’s way as schools open back up – something even the worst-hit nations have solved by this point.

We are a laughingstock to the world and a slaughterhouse to ourselves. This is the most pathetic and malignant administration in US history, and even its best-case delusions paint it as a gob-smacking failure of historic proportions.