On July 4, 2020, the eccentric rapper Kanye West took to the internet to announce that he will be running for presidential elections in 2020. Since this announcement, the rapper has faced multiple setbacks that have been a real nightmare for his team and also himself. Now again, West is facing a hard time getting his name on ballots in some states.

Last week Kanye West failed to get his name on ballots in Ohio, Wisconsin, and also in his home state of Illinois.

In Ohio, West submitted fake signatures on his petition. The revelation was made by the Ohio secretary of the state’s office because one of the West’s ballot petition failed to match the ballots used by the rapper for the petition signed by his voters.

The situation was even more complicated in Illinois, where West failed to get enough signatures even though a judge lowered the signature requirement from 25,000 to 2,500. The requirement was lowered due to COVID-10 restrictions. West was able to get only 1,200 signatures.

In Wisconsin, the billionaire rapper missed the deadline by 14 seconds(West net worth 1.3 billion). West has succeeded in getting his name on ballots in several states that include Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Controversy has surrounded the campaign since the start. West is a friend of President Trump and also his MAGA mate. This has raised concerns that the rapper’s presidential bid is a Republican move to drive Black-American voters away from Biden.