kamala harris

Last week has been a very busy week in American politics. The most important event took place when Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his Vice President.

The California senator is the daughter of Jamaican father and Indian mother. Her mother Shyamala Harris was a civil rights activist in the 1960s. Kamala described her mother in a tweet as, “Shyamala Harris was no more than 5 feet tall, but if you ever meet her you would think she was seven feet tall.” Born in Oakland, California, Kamal Harris received her degree in law from the University of California. Kamala had served as the attorney general of San Francisco and California before she was sworn in as a senator from California in 2017. She is highly qualified for the position. She is a powerful centrist that might lour disenfranchised Republicans to the Biden camp.

The decision of Democrats to choose Harris as the candidate of Vice President could prove to be a smart move. She could be a breakthrough by attracting African-American, women and Asian-American voters to vote for Biden.

Trump is currently replaying his racist birther conspiracy theories that served him well in bringing him to the political table during Obama’s first campaign. On Thursday Trump floated the ridiculous theory that Harris is not eligible to be Vice President due to where she and her parents were born. Newsweek had printed the ridiculous theory in an Op-Ed but has since retracted support of he article. This is a flat out lie by the President and all involed. Harries was born in Oakland. Full stop.

Asian-American and South-Asian-American voters form a huge bulk of eligible voters as compared to other ethnic groups. Around 1.1 million Asian-American’s cast their votes in the 2016 presidential election and this number has grown at a rapid pace since then. In a recent interview the maternal uncle of Harris, Gopalan Balachandran termed Kamala’s candidacy as a ‘historic move’.

Kamala’s background could urge Asian-American voters to vote for Biden. Additionally, she is the first-ever African-American woman to be selected for Vice President and also the first Asian-American. Harris could also inspire more Asian-American to take part in elections and increase their representation in Congress.

According to the data from sources around 50% of Asian-American identifies themselves as Democrats in 2015. Harris’ candidacy could increase it to a considerable number which could also help Biden win the presidential race.