June’s robust jobs report shows that, after creating nine million jobs in just seventeen months, America is continuing its strong, steady jobs growth.  Today, our nation has reached an important milestone: under the leadership of President Biden and our Democratic Majorities in Congress, we have recovered the total number of private sector jobs lost since the beginning of the pandemic.

Democrats are waging an all-out fight against global inflation fueled by Putin’s Price Hike, which is weighing on families here at home.  With the House-passed Lower Food & Fuel Costs Act, bold action was taken to slash supply costs for farmers, bolster industry competition and expand access to homegrown biofuels.  By cracking down on exorbitant shipping fees with our Ocean Shipping Reform Act, the House acted to level the playing field for American businesses and lower costs for American consumers.  At the same time, we must lower the outrageous cost of prescription drugs while also bolstering American competitiveness with new investments to make more goods in America and rebuild our STEM workforce.

While Republicans seek to rip away health care, raise middle class taxes and keep everyday prices sky-high, Democrats are fighting to lower kitchen table costs, create more jobs and deliver bigger paychecks For The People.