Joe Biden Appeal to bring an End to “Needless Violence”

The shooting of Jacob Blake has sparked a new life to the dying movement of Black Lives Matter. Kenosha has become the center of protest now. Thousands of protesters have gathered in the streets and roads of Kenosha to protest against police brutality and racial discrimination. 

Kenosha has also become the center of political point-scoring as the presidential elections are only two months away. The Democratic candidate for President, Joe Biden has also seized the opportunity to extend his support towards the black Community of America. 

The Democratic nominee released a Twitter video on Wednesday condemning the police brutality for shooting seven bullets on a 29-years-old black American in front of his three sons. Biden also appealed to the protesters to put an end to violence and unite together to achieve their goal peacefully. 

“What I saw in the video made me sick,” said the Democratic nominee, in his Twitter message. “Once again, a black man, Jacob Blake, has been shot by the police in broad daylight with the whole world watching,” Biden added further. 

Joe Biden went on to appeal the protesters to end violence and come together. He mentioned that such violence is needless and harmful; our aim could be achieved only with a peaceful and united struggle. A similar attitude was seen when Biden condemned George Floyd’s killing. Biden said that the protest against brutality was right of every citizen but ‘burning down communities is not protest’.