Jenn Alford-Teaster

Jenn Alford-Teaster is running for the New Hampshire District 8 State Senate seat. Alford-Teaster has been a volunteer at a community homeless shelter, advocate for equal pay for equal work and currently a Senior Research Scientist at the Geisel School of Medicine. Now, she’s ready to serve as your New Hampshire Senator in District 8. Jenn was kind enough to sit down and answer our 5 questions.

What cause are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about translating my lived experience and professional expertise to work for NH State Senate District 8. I grew up here in New Hampshire, with a single mom who had four children before age 23. After working two to three jobs at a time to put myself through college, I am a Senior Research Scientist at Dartmouth College studying issues related to rural access to healthcare. I have worked hard for all that I have achieved, and couldn’t have done it without a well funded public education, access to healthcare, and economic opportunities. I intend to work hard to provide these opportunities for others here in New Hampshire.

Where were you 3 hours ago and what were you doing?

It’s the Saturday before the primary and I was talking to voters over the phone during voter outreach call time.  

What advice would you give someone who is assuming an elected position for the first time?

The advice I offer anyone either running for office, or getting elected – first time or more: you should never feel “comfortable’ holding an elected position. Once you get “comfortable” you need to move on because comfortable means complacent and these roles are meant to serve the constituents of our communities which means you should always be giving 100% to the work. 

Why did you decide to run for office?

I am running for office to show the people of NH the return on investment of a quality public education, access to affordable healthcare, and economic opportunities. I grew up poor, and faced incredibly obstacles as a young person, and very often people do not see the results of community investments in children like I was because we are busy with the hustle of life making ends meet. I am here to show others that investments in public education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, is pay off substantially. 

Why are you most qualified for the position?

I am the most qualified for this position for a few different and complementary reasons. I grew up here in New Hampshire in a family struggling to make ends meet and understand the complex nature of the issues facing my neighbors from both a lived experience and a professional experience. As a person, I know what it is like to be hungry, housing insecure, afraid for what comes next. As a Senior Research Scientist, I know that one of the strongest investments my community made in me to overcome these challenges was a well funded public education so when I arrived at college I was more than prepared to succeed. I intend on protecting these investments for other Granite State children. 

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