Andrew North music nh

We had a chance to sit down with Andrew North who is a talented NH musician who recently released a fantastic album. Allamagoosalum  is an eclectic concept album that delves into the mind of a talented artist. Andrew North makes fun and quirky music – think Phish meets Ben Folds. We had him sit right down and answer our five questions. He was awesomely nice.

1. What cause are you most passionate about?

Reinforcing and spreading creative energy! It took me a long time to understand that I could act on the weird ideas I have and make them real. It changed my life, and I want everyone to get to experience that, at least a little bit.

2. David Bowie?

UB40! ?

3. What is one message you would like to give to your fans?

First off, THANK YOU to anyone who takes time to listen to music like mine, it means the world to me. It’s ok to be weird. It’s awesome to be a huge nerd about something. We can do amazing things together if we give everyone room to be themselves.

4. Where were you 3 hours ago and what were you doing?

With my kids at the park. I’m on Dad duty a lot these days. Seeing the world through my kids’ eyes is a wonderful creative exercise, it shakes me out of my patterns.

5. When did you first think of yourself as a musician?

In college – I took a ton of music theory classes and started playing with a lot of different bands. I realized that I was good enough at this to pursue it for real.

Allamagoosalum is available at and on Spotify and Apple Music. Allamagoosalum plays through to suggest a rock opera with inspirations from performances such as “Tommy” by The Who and deserves to be set to stage. Listeners looking for a unique sound with a storytelling message will enjoy the feel and sound of this incredible album that can be played loud through the speakers or in one’s own headphones.