prisoner trump

Some tend to forget that we had a stolen election just twenty years ago in this country. What happened was that Bush had been declared victor on election night, and if all the ballots were counted, he might actually lose. So first GOP operatives carried out the “Brooks Brothers riots” by physically disrupting the recount process.

Meanwhile, in parallel the Bush campaign aggressively pursued a legal action to stop the recount, ultimately going to the Supreme Court where justices ruled along party lines, 5-4, to stop the recount and declare Bush the winner. Democrats accepted it, because the rule of law was considered more important than a party election.

Now, after 12 of 20 years of Republican control, the rule of law itself is severely degraded. In retrospect, that was the first crack.

The GOP is calling for 50,000 “poll watchers” to maker sure there is no “voter fraud”. For decades now, Republicans have been prevented from doing this. Why? Because in the past they have used it to go into minority districts, harass people, and prevent legal voting. There is no widespread voter fraud–it’s just an excuse for Republicans to engage in voter suppression.

Now, let’s say that there are tens of thousands of people who arrive at polling locations and begin doing illegal shit. They demand that voters turn over IDs to “prove” they are American citizens. They interrogate, intimidate, and harass people standing in line. They slow down the process and make it difficult for everyone to vote.

Another group decides that it’s a conspiracy that the postal workers’ union has endorsed Biden, so they start showing up to mail-sorting locations demanding to check the ballots are being processed fairly and Republican votes aren’t being suppressed. In the process they further disrupt the delivery of ballots. They cause widespread chaos and prevent votes from being counted.

The night of November 3rd, it’s difficult to tell who won. There have been so many mail-in ballots in general that it will take days to count. Traditionally, these counts go in favor of Democrats, because lately Dems engage in much more mail-in ballots and also tend to take more time to submit their ballots than Republicans. This may well be exacerbated this year, particularly if there’s a flare-up of COVID-19 in the fall.

So the election is close, with millions of ballots outstanding. Trump supporters show up to locations nationwide to protest the “stolen” election which is “illegally” adding “fake” ballots to Democratic totals. There are also millions of people in the streets demanding that Trump accept defeat. Right-wing militias show up with guns and there is violence in the streets–as is happening right now in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Trump uses the Insurrection Act to declare a state of emergency, declares the election fraudulent, and demands that it moves to the House to decide. The House rules are arcane, but essentially members of the House vote based on state delegation. So Wyoming has an equal vote to California. Despite Democrats having a majority in the House, Republicans control more state delegations, and they vote for Trump. Donald Trump declares that he has won the election. Technically, what he has done is within the law. Or, it is at least arguably within the law.

Democrats can sue, but the case goes to the Supreme Court. What do they rule?

Meanwhile, there are millions of people in the streets, and some pitched street battles. Who do the police side with in this scenario? Who does the military side with in this scenario? It’s not nearly as clear-cut a case as we’d like to believe.

Now, will this happen? I don’t know. Could this happen? Absolutely. Vote early. Be prepared to volunteer on Election Day, particularly if you are young.